Our Story

The idea for WeVidIt came about in early 2008, when our founder and CEO, Matt Sherwood, was two years out of college. Working at a hedge fund, Matt dreamed of using his data science experience to correct the inequalities in the film and TV industry. He believed data science was the secret to creating a level playing field in which creators from historically underserved and underrepresented populations were no longer at a disadvantage in the content creation process. Matt has always believed, for his life and others, that data is an equalizer.

However, this idea was put on hold when, in August 2008, Matt went blind. After permanently losing his eyesight, Matt spent the next 10 years learning how to overcome his disability. He learned how to utilize software so he could continue managing investment portfolios and he had the joy of becoming a father to his two beautiful daughters.

Unfortunately, in 2018, Matt was in an accident. Caught in a rainstorm, Matt accidentally ran into a telephone pole with nails sticking out of it. It was because of this accident that Chris entered Matt’s life.



Meet Chris, Matt’s black lab service dog.

Matt believed that documenting the process of meeting Chris and learning to walk with him would make an excellent documentary and help others learn more about the process of living with a disability and the importance of service animals.

When Matt tried to find someone to create this documentary, he became painfully aware of the biases and discrimination that disabled individuals face in the film and TV industry. Being reminded of the countless barriers in place in the film/TV industry, his passion for the idea he had developed 10 years prior was reignited.

He knew the industry could still benefit from a more efficient system. He spent all of 2019 researching and preparing for the venture that would transform the film and TV industry, creating equitable opportunities for all creators and storytellers: WeVidIt. With Matt’s business model, consumers are finally able to demand the professional content they want and, as such, studios are better able to serve the consumer, rather than guessing what they want to watch.

In December 2019, Matt left his job managing a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio to pursue WeVidIt full time. In July 2020, WeVidIt, Inc. was officially formed.

Since then, WeVidIt has grown into a strong team of data scientists, developers, designers, and video production advisors, along with an impeccable group of partners and advisors. Our team and Advisory Board are diverse and representative of who we serve.