Frequently Ask Questions

What is WeVidIt Media?

WeVidIt Media is a pitch platform, connecting professional creators in the film & TV industry to audiences, as well as studios & distributors. Creators can use their WeVidIt Media profile to reflect their experience in the film/TV industry and network with other creators. When uploading projects, creators can upload a pitch or trailer, submit supplementary project documents, and give their project a title, description, and genre. Audiences are able to rate and give feedback on creators' projects.

What is WeVidIt, Inc. ("WeVidIt")?

WeVidIt, a wholly-owned subsidiary of WeVidIt Media, is an investment marketplace where creators can apply to connect with investors to gain investor funding for their projects.

How does the investment process work?

Read our investor education materials to learn more about the investment process on WeVidIt.

Who can invest in an offering on WeVidIt?

Any user over the age of 18 who is approved for an investment account on WeVidIt can invest in an offering.

What happens to my money after I invest?
  • By law, WeVidIt is prohibited from touching all investor funds.

  • When you invest in a project, your money is transferred to an escrow account, in custody of North Capital Private Securities Corp. If the project meets its investment goal within the allotted time, your money will be available to the creator to produce their project. If the project investment goal is not met, your money will be refunded to you.

How can I limit the risk of my investments?

To learn more about investing on WeVidIt, read our Investor Education Materials.

How is WeVidIt legal?

Regulation Crowdfunding law (May 2016) made it legal for anyone (not just an “accredited investor”) to invest in creators and their projects.

How is WeVidIt regulated?

WeVidIt is closely monitored by regulatory bodies.

How do I go about raising funds for my project on WeVidIt?

Read more about raising funds for your project via WeVidIt, Inc. by visiting our Investor Education materials.

Do you recommend investing in any certain project offerings?
  • No. It is illegal for WeVidIt to recommend any creator or project. No projects on WeVidIt are endorsed by WeVidIt. We do not give investment advice or recommendations.

  • Even if it were not illegal for us to recommend/endorse certain projects, we would never choose which projects get attention and funding. The purpose of WeVidIt is to level the playing field in the film and TV industry, and to end all the gatekeeping in the film and TV industry, not add to it!

How is the valuation determined?

Creators, who are issuing securities in an offering, set their project valuation and the percentage of their project they make available to investors.

What is the difference between a “Project” or a “Project Offering” / “Offering”?

A Project is different from a Project Offering or Offering. A Project can be a film/TV project that can be at the inception pitch phase or the post-production/distribution-ready phase. Projects are uploaded on WeVidIt Media for the audience to enjoy and for creators to either collaborate with others, gain feedback from viewers, or to attract a studio or distributor.

Project Offerings, or Offerings, are projects that have applied to, and have been accepted by, WeVidIt. These Project Offerings are open to investors, who have an investment account on WeVidIt, to buy stock and help finance the production or other business activities as defined in the Project Offering’s budget or Pro Forma. Such Project Offerings are part of WeVidIt and are regulated securities’ offerings.

Can I have an account without ever uploading projects?

Of course! We at WeVidIt Media love our audiences. Your ratings and feedback on projects can help creators prove that their projects test well, and potentially open doors for them in distribution. Create an account to view and rate all the projects your heart desires. We won't stop you!

What kinds of films/shows are eligible on WeVidIt Media?

All scripted and non-scripted films/shows are eligible to be pitched on WeVidIt Media.

When will the investment raise close for a project offering?

The raise must close at the creator’s offering deadline at the latest. However, successful projects can close earlier. A project must be available for investments for at least 21 days. When an investment raise closes early, you will receive a notice of early completion before the closing date in your email inbox.

How long will a refund take?

You can usually expect your refund after 2-3 weeks of processing.

Does my money go to an escrow account?

Yes. Your investment is transferred to an escrow account hosted at North Capital Private Securities Corp. Once the project’s investment goal has been met, the funds are transferred to the creator. WeVidIt never touches these funds.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay with a bank transfer, credit/debit card, or a wire transfer.

What do I do if my payment fails?

When a payment fails, WeVidIt will contact you via email. Follow the instructions in the email you receive from us to correct your failed payment.

Do you have an IBAN number?

No, we do not have an IBAN number. Send a BIC/SWIFT wire transfer through your bank.

Why does WeVidIt need my SSN?

We are required by law to collect this information. If you do not provide your SSN, you will not be given the full return from your investment. We know you might have hesitations around providing your SSN, but we promise we will guard and encrypt it to keep it safe.

How do I upload a pitch on WeVidIt Media?

Click the (+) icon, and begin by choosing a 2 minute and 30 second or less video. This could be a preview, traditional pitch, trailer, or teaser video for your original film or TV series. This can be for a film or TV show you’ve already created or one you want to create in the future.

Where do I manage my projects?

You can manage projects you've uploaded to WeVidIt Media's platform by clicking on your profile.

What do the buttons below a project video entail?

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 7.37.57 PM.png

Click "Rate" to choose an emoji that best represents your sentiment to the project. Press "Favorite" to save a project. Click "Share" to send the project to others via Messages.

What are Critic Coins?

Critic Coins are WeVidIt Media's specialty reward token. As you earn more Critic Coins, badges can appear on your profile as you reach milestones in your ratings.

As you rate projects, you can earn the Critic Badges, which will appear on your profile.

  1. Earn 10,000 Critic Coins to Receive the Silver Badge
  2. Earn 25,000 Critic Coins to Receive the Gold Badge
  3. Earn 50,000 Critic Coins to Receive the Platinum Badge
  4. Earn 100,000 Critic Coins to Receive the Diamond Badge

The purpose of Critic Badges is to reveal which profiles actively rate projects. When you see that someone has a Critic Badge on their profile, you know that they are active on WeVidIt Media's platform and consistently give feedback to creators on their projects.

How do I earn Critic Coins?

You can earn 100 Critic Coins when you complete the information in WeVidIt Media profile. If your profile is complete, you earn 3 Critic Coins each time you rate a project. If your profile is incomplete, you earn 1 Critic Coin for each project rating.

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